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As a California resident, but a native New Englander, I always enjoyed my trips back east with my children each year. During our annual January visits, I was quickly reminded of how hard it was to keep my hands warm, especially as I watched my twin boys struggle to keep mittens on. Neither clips nor tethered yarn could make them stay on; our excursions never lasted very long.

The solution? I knit them each a long scarf and folded up the edges to create pockets that they could tuck their little hands into. They stayed warm, comfortable and snuggly. No more cold hands, no more lost mittens – just happier kids – and grown ups.

Taking this concept further, I began to design and sew Pocket Scarves for both adults and children. Now my customers wear them everywhere – in milder climates in place of sweaters on cooler days, and in harsher climates they add that extra bit of warmth that means the difference between cozy comfort and nagging chill. They are immensely popular and useful in all types of climates – some people use them in place of sweaters on cooler days, and in the harsher elements, they are just a dream.  Pocket Scarves offer comfort and convenience all in one - soft and light, with pockets to keep you warm and to carry your keys and small treasures.

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